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Privacy Policy 

NEW GDPR Regulations May 2018

As the new GDPR regulations come into force Kootchy Products would like to make our customers aware of what we do with your data.
1) All direct sales orders received containing email addresses, addresses and other personal details are never shared to a third party. They are solely kept on file for the purpose of fulfilling the order and secured by a password protected device.
2) Payments which are received via PayPal,Square, Clearpay etc include personal details such as addresses and emails, names and contact details. These details are kept on file for the purpose of fulfilling payments and order requests. They are not shared or distributed to other people. This is password protected via each site. 
3) The GDPR regulations requires us to notify customers and potential customers that all personal data is held in a secure place and to fulfil the contract set between Kootchy Products and our customers.

New Privacy Policy

Kootchy Products will only collect basic personal data about you - to include your name, email address and postal details.
We require the above information to be able to complete your orders.
Kootchy Products  will not use your information for any purpose other than discussing and completing your order with you.
Kootchy Products is required to keep copies of your orders/invoices for a minimum of 6 years for HMRC and tax purposes.

Your information will never be sold or give to any third parties (apart from PayPal and courier services. All Messages and emails regarding your order will be stored on a password protected server for a period of time of around 4 months, to ensure your privacy and in case of a problem with your order. After this time, all messages will be deleted.

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