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*How do I get the pens to work?

To activate the pens, shake well before removing the cap. Press the tip straight down onto a sheet of paper. This may take several tries. Write with your marker, push down occasionally to add more paint. Click lid down firmly and store pens horizontally when not being used.

*How do I clean the LED board?

Your cleaning cloth will work best once washed. To clean your board, dampen the cloth and wipe over completely. Use a piece of kitchen towel to buff clean. It is best to clean your board with it switched on as smears and marks are more visible. It is always easier to clean if you allow the drawings to dry first.

*My acrylic LED board has arrived and it looks scratched?

The acrylic board has a plastic protector over the screen which can have the appearance of being scratched, make sure this is removed before you start using your board. Occasionally there can be two layers of this plastic so please check your product carefully.

*My remote control doesn’t seem to be working?

Our LED boards have a small USB manual controller/connector, please ensure the remote control is pointing at this controller.

*Does my board need to be plugged in?

Our boards do need to be plugged in and come with a power adapter. We do also stock rechargeable battery packs which last approx. 6 hours in our accessories section. Due to shipping restrictions for batteries these are only available to our UK customers.

*Can my LED clothing be washed?

The clothing can be washed; we advise hand washing your items with care. Do not wring dry but leave to hang. Do not tumble dry. Please ensure to remove the battery pack prior to washing the garment.

*My LED jacket has arrived but the lights are not working?

All our items have the battery disconnected for transit. When you receive your item please connect the battery and ensure the push button is facing the outside of the clothing. Although the battery is pre charged you may need to charge it to reach full capacity. We recommend charging the battery every 2-3 months when not being used to maintain best performance.

*Do the products have safety certificates?

Yes all our products have CE and RoHS safety certificates.